Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

General FAQ’s:

AMBU-TRANS has many years of experience in the International medical repatriation field, this enables us to offer you exactly the service you require whether at home or abroad. Quick, simple, and supportive are our guiding principles. From the outset you will have a dedicated member of our operations team who will communicate with you, guide you, and answer your questions, because your needs are of the highest importance to us.
Once you contact AMBU-TRANS, one of our expert operations team will work with you to establish the nature of the patients medical condition, the current state of health of the patient, the distance involved and locations (countries) where the patient currently is, and where they need to go to. Depending on this information we will recommend one of the following methods of medical repatriation:

AMBU-TRANS takes care of all communication with the hospitals at either end. We deal with all the necessary paperwork. You don’t need to worry. We even take care of admitting the patient into the receiving hospital.
About an hour before arriving at the final destination, we will ring the designated contact person to let them know when we expect to arrive.
Every case is different. Our medical repatriation team is chosen based on the needs of the patient and their medical situation. We send either two Paramedics, or a Paramedic and a Doctor.
Immediately. We can often begin the repatriation on the same day or the next day.
We can help you in many different languages – and if we don’t speak your language, we can use an interpreter. We speak English, of course, but often also communicate in Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Polish, Spanish and Turkish.
Patients will be able to eat and drink during the repatriation. The medical team will make sure they have enough food and water – and of course, we cover the costs.
We work with a fixed price, based on the number of hours we estimate the repatriation will take. Unless otherwise stated, our price includes everything – food and drink, medicine, medical staff and crew.
There are a number of factors which determine the final cost of each medical repatriation. Each quotation is case specific, and is dependent on, current location, destination, urgency, and most importantly, the patients’ medical requirements.
We always take payment before we begin the repatriation.
You can pay using all the major credit cards or bank transfer.
If the order is finalised but the repatriation hasn’t yet started, we will only charge 50% of our quoted price. If the order is finalised and the repatriation has already begun, we aren’t able to offer a refund.

Road Ambulance FAQ’s:

If the medical condition of the patient permits it, we normally allow one extra person to travel with the patient in the ambulance. Every patient’s needs are different, so the final decision in each case will be taken at the beginning of the repatriation, by the Doctor or Paramedic in charge.
A patient may take one piece of baggage. If a wheelchair is necessary, it must be a foldable, non-electric wheelchair.
If a patient wishes to use the lavatory, our team will stop at the next opportunity. If the patient needs help, or can’t go on their own, the medical crew will assist them, exactly as if they were in hospital or in an ICU.
The stretcher can be put in a flat position for lying down, as well as in an upright position for sitting. We can switch between these positions while on the move, so we don’t have to stop the ambulance to ensure the patient is comfortable.

Medical Escort FAQ’s:

In some cases, depending on the patient’s condition, it will be possible for them to fly home on a commercial flight supported by a Doctor and /or Paramedic.
We will have detailed discussions with you. Once it becomes apparent that the medical escort option would be the ideal repatriation method and you give us permission to proceed we will take care of all the details. We arrange everything including negotiations with the airlines, documentation, flight bookings, ground ambulances at both ends and communication with the hospitals.
We only work with those airlines who meet our standards.
For serious cases we can even construct an ICU environment and provide an oxygen supply onboard the aircraft.
As it is a commercial flight, we can book one or more family members or friends onto the same flight if there are seats available.
If the medical condition of the patient permits it, we normally allow you to interact with the patient during the flight. However as every patient’s needs are different, the final decision in each case will be taken by the Doctor or Paramedic in charge on the flight.
A patient may take the usual passenger baggage allowance as per the particular airlines standard terms and conditions. This applies equally to wheelchairs and any other mobility equipment.
Based on the number of hours we estimate the repatriation will take, and the size and qualifications of the medical team required, we will offer you a fixed price. This will include everything – food and drink, medicine, medical staff, transportation, and crew on the ground. It does not include the flight ticket costs.
Naturally we can arrange the flights for all the people involved, including yourselves, and these will be recharged to you at cost price (including the taxes and any additional airline and airport charges), in other words we do not add anything to the ticket prices.

Air Ambulance FAQ’s:

All AMBU-TRANS Medical air ambulances have the capacity to comfortably carry one companion with the patient.
However, AMBU-TRANS recommends that critical ill patients travel alone to avoid worry and distress for the companion.
The decision to carry a companion is one that rests with our medical coordinator and depends on the medical condition of the patient.
AMBU-TRANS take pride in the high standards we set for patient care.
The air ambulance aircraft we use are fitted with comprehensive set of medical equipment.
This can mean, dependent upon which type of aircraft is mobilised, that space on board the aircraft could be limited.
Before the departure of your air ambulance flight please contact the AMBU-TRANS team on +44 (0) 20 3868 7513 for further information regarding luggage allowances.

If you can’t find your question, send us an email, or use our contact form to get in touch. We’ll reply immediately!

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