ICU Ambulances are used for medical repatriation over long distances, crossing European borders, or UK wide movement of patients.

We maintain a fleet of Mercedes Benz and Ford Intensive Care Ambulances. All of our ambulances are specifically designed for the long distance transportation of patients, and they contain many features that allow a medical repatriation to be carried out safely, comfortably and quickly. If the patient condition allows, a companion may also travel free of charge.

During a medical repatriation our team will have either a qualified Doctor and / or highly trained emergency Paramedic. The ambulance contains state-of-the art medical equipment. We are prepared for every eventuality, however if an emergency situation arises whilst underway that our team believe can be best dealt with at a hospital we will find the nearest suitable hospital in our on-board navigation database and divert immediately. We have been involved in long distance medical repatriation for many years and are highly experienced.

The following is a selection of the ambulances in our fleet, each vehicle has been carefully chosen to provide safety, comfort and functionality over long distances.

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Our fleet of ambulances