Incredibly resourceful – a great organiser working with a great team

Date posted: 19-02-2016

After years of hard work, my wife and I decided to spend our retirement days in Romania. My wife is a Romanian citizen and we have a nice house in Romania close to our family. After two wonderful years over there, my wife became ill, suffering from kidney disease. She was hospitalized several times. It turned to be a serious condition. After six months of suffering and several complications, the doctors in Romania told us there was nothing more they could do to help my wife. In a rush I called my brother and asked him to contact authorities in the Netherlands to check out the possibilities for repatriating my wife. We got nothing from the insurance companies, so we had to deal with the situation ourselves.

My brother found [AMBU-TRANS]’ website. After I spoke to our CEO, I decided to have my wife repatriated. I emailed all her medical history to Gerrit and he put together a medical team. As luck would have it, Gerrit happened to have an ambulance halfway there. I told Gerrit, “Keep driving.” They parked the ambulance at the Bucharest Airport. The previous medical team flew back to Holland and were relieved by a new team: Berna, Carla and Thomas. I waited for them at the airport and together we went to the hospital in Bucharest. After a short conversation with the hospital staff, they took my wife to the ambulance. We started the 2200 km/1367 mile journey to the Netherlands. Gerrit by this time had been in touch with the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem, and managed to get my wife admitted there.

Because the ambulance had used quite a lot of oxygen on its previous trip, there was not quite enough oxygen on board. But Gerrit is incredibly resourceful. Near Munich, we got hold of several bottles of oxygen. After a complication, my wife had to be admitted at a nearby hospital in Vienna. Gerrit had already informed the hospital of all the details before we arrived. Fortunately, that ended well, and after a delay of a couple of hours we were able to continue the journey.

Now, my wife is no longer in intensive care and is in a medium care ward, and is making progress. This is all thanks to [AMBU-TRANS]’ quick response. I’m convinced that there is no better organiser than our CEO and his team. I want to thank Gerrit and the medical helper Berna once more personally. And again: Gerrit, Berna, Carla and Thomas, thank you for all your excellent care for my wife, and support for me.